Wednesday, 3 November 2010

would you like a guest session with Paul Vossen?

There is the lucky chance to have a 2 hour group session with Paul Vossen on Monday Nov 29th. Paul is an outstanding teacher and inspiring dancer who runs the famous Taboe Tango camp in NL. The session will be on Tango Dynamic Release Technique for natural feeling boleos of numerous kinds. If you're interested let us know asap, as we need to know if it's viable soon. Thanks!

Also, if you could let me know briefly how comfortable you currently are with boleos that would be helpful in deciding the precise content of the workshop.

Here's some notes from Paul:
"Tango Dynamic Release Technique
This Tango techniques enables the couple to create simple and complex leg movements for the follower with out any effort. The technique is especially useful to create many different types of boleos (contra, con, linear, circular, hooked, frozen, phased, muted, etc) in all possible positions: standing walking, turning and even in colgada and volcada.
The Dynamic Release technique uses efficiently gravity of the hip and leg and makes it possible to create a great swing without effort and even from a standing position. Further more it is possible to mold and change the path of the leg during the swing and create all kinds of boleo variations.
The techniques is especially fit for the open and semi open embrace and is even fit for crowded milongas since the energy of the movement stays within the couple."

Basically we need a minimum of 5 couples (at £15 per head) to make it work. If more people attend, the cost can come down. The session will be at our normal venue in Southampton, the Povey's dance centre, 159 Shirely Road. See for more details.

As usual, the practica is open, so you can come and do your own thing (or just watch) for the usual price of £4. Tea making facilities are available and you're welcome to bring snacks.

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  1. For logistical reasons the monday practica session with Paul will not take place on the 29th Nov now, unfortunately. But I hope there will be another opportunity in future. It looks like he'll be doing a session on Wed 1st Dec at TLCs though (TBC) and again on the 4th Dec at one of Mike's events. So plenty of chance for Southampton dancers to catch him :)