Friday, 11 May 2012

New workshop, new prices, a TV opportunity and more...

New Workshop
Due to the success of the previous one, coming up soon on 10th June is the next in the series of Technique Booster workshops. This one will focus on the embrace, patterns and turns.
If you'd really like to iron out a few of your sticking points in dancing in the close (or open) embrace and a variety of turns and common step combinations for the milonga – or if you're fairly new to a lot of those elements – this workshop is designed for you. (I.e. it is recent beginner friendly!)
As usual the approach will be relaxed and friendly, while focused on technique.
If you'd like to do this workshop on Sunday 10th June, 1-5:30pm (with breaks and a 1 hour practica from 5:30pm) please book now!
The booking page and more info is here:
New prices
I'd really like to encourage as many people as possible to dance tango, and I know that sometimes money is an issue. So I'm offering lower prices for students, unwaged or low waged* dancers.
This lower price is £5 per lesson (or £6 for both lessons in an evening). If this pricing applies to you, just come along and pay the new rate.
*'low waged' is for you to decide. But as a rough guide, according to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the individual full-time income (pre-tax) for a 'minimum acceptable standard of living' in the UK is currently £15k pa. So if you're around or below that than by most counts you're probably on a 'low income'.

The beginner course is dead, long live the beginner course!
From this point on, the course formerly known as 'the beginner course' will be called 'core skills 1'.
As before, it will cover the fundamental parts of tango like walking, moving together in an embrace, basic ochos and crosses, and dancing to the beat and in the line of dance. It will still be a course suitable for complete, two left-footed beginners. But I also really want to encourage anyone who wishes to improve those fundamental points of their tango to come and do it, even if you've already done it before.
Those who have repeated the core skills 1 course will tell you that you learn something new every time and that the more your simple walking in an embrace improves, the more the rest of tango opens up to you.

If you're already reasonably proficient in your tango, don't worry about spending the whole lesson working with complete beginners; more experienced dancers will be given more detail and more challenge.

So for anyone wanting to do the course again, please feel free to drop in on the Monday 8pm sessions.

Want to tell your story on TV? I recently got a call from someone working on a new Channel 4 documentary series. It's about women, presented by actor Sharon Horgan. One of the films will look at the experiences of women who reach middle age and discover a new hobby or passion which transforms their life - tango being one such hobby! So:

• Did you discover tango in your 40’s/50’s?
• Were you lacking in confidence or fed up with your routine?
• Was tango the catalyst for change in your life?

If you want to be involved and share your story please contact me.