Sunday, 13 February 2011

new beginner tango course in Southampton, 28th Feb

5 week tango course:
  • Learn to dance tango in Southampton. No prior experience necessary, all welcome.
  • No partner required, but you're welcome to bring one or invite friends. The ethos of the beginner course is to work together as a group and support each other's learning.
  • The lessons will run from 8pm-9:30pm at the Povey's dance centre in Southampton, each Monday.
  • Free, 90 minute practica after each lesson.
  • Cost: £39 per person.
At the end of this course you will be able to dance basic tango in a social setting. But more than that, you'll have a taste for the truly magical quality of connection and movement that tango can bring.

Satisfaction guaranteed! If at the end of the course you're not happy, you get a refund*

To book, just fill out the contact form:
(Please bring correct payment on the first day.)

For lessons, please wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in and non-marking shoes which you can easily pivot on (suede, leather or plastic soles are a good bet).

Learn tango this year - express yourself, flow in the moment and the music, forget your stresses and meet interesting people.

Course starts on Monday 28th February. To find out more, just take a look at our website: or send us a message on the contact page.

* full refund given if you're not happy with the course, minus hall costs of £4 per session.