Monday, 15 November 2010

freedom and connection in the open embrace - practica session notes

This monday, 15th Nov, we'll look at some simple ways of getting more connection at the same time as less restriction or blocking of intended movement in the open embrace.

The focus will be on pivoting.

Some key ideas:
The frame as a circle. two connected circles that may rotate independently. this idea allows a lot of rotation and change of orientation between leader and follower to happen without strain. Leader and follower are not fixed in their relative positions within the frame.

Softness and structure. how do these two important qualities come into the embrace? we'll explore the idea of 'mirroring' in the quality of contact from leader to follower, with the result that different parts of the embrace can offer solidity and structure, while other parts offer softness and freedom of movement. using this idea, ochos (and everything else involving pivoting) feel more relaxed while allowing the possibility of being very dynamic.

Obviousl,y groundedness is key to connection and this was covered some weeks ago (see '3 elements to walking as one').

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