Sunday, 31 October 2010

fearless colgadas - practica session notes

This monday, 1st November, the theme is 'fearless colgadas'. How to do colgadas in the most effortless way possible and really explore the range of movements and expressions available with sharing axis in this way.

Colgada means to 'hang', that is, there is a shared axis and follower and leader are supporting each other while hanging outwards. There are broadly 2 things that make colgadas challenging for a lot of dancers: technique (posture, lead and follow) and trust. We'll work on both in this session.

Technical points and concepts:
connection through back and arms,
both sides of frame are important,
straight, vertical back (classic technique, but other options possible),
weight on ball of feet.
'sitting down at a tea party',

game: stop your partner from falling over. tests trust and if you're really sharing an axis.

exercises: back, side, circular colgadas. start small.

game: two foot colgada, swing from side to side. build momentum, distinquish from pretend 'squat colgadas'.

game: two foot colgada, stationary secada chain (challenging)

colgada (like boleos, ganchos and volcadas) can be seen as steps interrupted. slight emphasis of impulse for clarity. distinction between colgada (without boleo) and linear boleo (with colgada): 'up, over and back' vs. 'down and back'. can also use compression to control free leg.

variations: turning colgadas, sideways outer free leg colgadas.

applications: vals, general phrasing, endings, fun.

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