Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Learning to dance Tango in Southampton, but don't have a partner? Read this

If you've been thinking of trying out tango (or rather Argentine tango), you'll already have an idea of how exciting and fun it can be. But making that first step and starting classes can be daunting, especially if you don't have a partner.

Lacking a partner to learn tango with, you may be worried about having to stand out in the class, or having to do leading if you want to be a follower (or vice versa), which you may feel shy or awkward about. Just those fears may be enough for that initial enthusiasm for learning tango to give way to frustration and disappointment - if you decide to give it a miss, for lack of a partner. But it doesn't have to be that way!

This post is intended to set your mind at rest and explain why 'no partner', needn't be an obstacle to learning the wonderful dance of tango. The main points:
  • Tango Lingua courses are structured so that everyone is engaged in learning for as much time as possible, whether with or without a partner. There is no standing out, just because you didn't come with a partner.
  • Sometimes you will have the opportunity to try a little bit of the opposite role. This does not mean you have to give up being a follower or leader as your main role. There are several advantages to experiencing a little of the other role. Firstly, it can be a lot of fun! It also helps everyone to practice more, and it helps you understand the dance better.
  • If you're someone who feels a bit 'weird' about sometimes trying some leading if you're a woman, or following if you're a man, don't worry! This feeling is soon forgotten as you become engaged in learning, helping others to learn, and having fun.
Are you going to let the lack of a partner stop you from enjoying tango? Why give in to that frustration and disappointment? Tango Lingua beginner courses are fun, friendly and relaxed. They are focused on involving everyone, with people working together to support each other's learning. The teacher is also there to make sure everyone is able to learn.

Another concern for some people is that, if they don't have a partner, will they actually have anyone to dance with, once they've learnt the basics? The answer is 'Yes they will!' In most tango social dances (milongas) in the UK (and also in other countries) people happily dance with people they don't know, and there is no expectation to come with a partner. If you have a reasonable grasp of the basics and are friendly and respectful, then you have a high chance of getting dances!

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