Saturday, 3 November 2012

Strange but true story, how to get toned the fun and sexy way, xmas social, new dance studio and the last workshop

Here's a little true story involving a large number of police. I couldn't make this stuff up. Last Monday when I arrived at Mavericks to meet students I found the place surrounded by police, including a van and at least 3 cars; which came as something of a surprise.

They claimed it was some kind of break in, which seemed odd given the number of them. I don't know the details of what happened at Mavericks, but fortunately as far as the tango went, StudioSo down the road was available. Phew!

It's a beautiful new bespoke dance studio, and I'm very pleased to say I was able to secure StudioSo for the Monday session from now on!

As for the police, well I tried to talk the officer in charge into taking tango lessons, and while he was kind enough to take the address to pass on to any of my students arriving later, when I suggested he take some lessons I'm sure I saw fear flash across his face... But it's given me the idea that one day yet I may start the Hampshire Constabulary Tango Club. Doesn't it have a ring to it?

Thanks to everyone who walked down the cold street with me on the night to the new venue!

Here's a picture of the StudioSo dance studio, where the Monday lesson will be held from now:

The Wednesday classes continue upstairs at the Slug and Lettuce. for full addresses and a map.

Read through to the end for an announcement of a brand new type of fitness orientated tango class I'm starting on 20th November - 'Tango Tone-Up'...

Xmas events!

First up, many of you have expressed interest in having an Xmas meal and dance, so here's the plan for the Tango Lingua Xmas social:

Xmas Buffet at the Tiger Lilly Restaurant in Bedford place (buffet menu:, meet there around 6pm
Head on to Milonga Liso at Pilands ( for around 8 or 8:30pm

Date: either Thursday 6th Dec or Thursday 20th Dec.

It's going to be great fun, so please come and join us!

Action required! If you'd like to come, it's important that you let me know which dates you can make, 6th and/or 20th Dec, asap. Then I can book the restaurant and give them an idea of numbers.

Workshop Saturday 1st December
The next Technique Booster workshop will be held on Saturday 1st December, 1-5:30pm at Povey's Dance Centre.

As usual there will be a lot of careful attention and fun focused on technique and how to use it in the your social tango dancing. The theme for this workshop will be 'simple, elegant tango in close embrace'. 

For those with experience, expect to add smoothness and finesse to your style. For those who've just finished a beginner course, this is your chance to cement the basics and experience how they can be refined for even more beautiful dancing.

For more info and pre-booking see:

(Note that it's a Saturday this time, rather than the usual Sunday.)

For an idea of what to expect from the experience, check out the testimonials page:

Tango Tone-Up
What would happen if you combined the sexiness and style of tango with effective and fun exercise for toning and body conditioning? 

Well, you'd get something like what I'm launching on Tuesday evening, 20th November: Tango Tone-Up - Get toned the fun and sexy way!

It's a brand new class, combining my long-time passions for tango and fitness. I'm really excited about it and hope that you'll come along for the FREE taster session (and of course come back for more if you enjoy it).

The first session is absolutely free and suitable for complete novices. So why not bring some friends with you?

For full info, booking and a very special offer, see:

This Saturday 3rd Nov, some of us are heading to TLC's Moulin rouge milonga. Please come and join us for a fun evening out of dancing!
It's £10 entry, which includes a buffet. 8pm-midnight. If you want to meet there or a bit beforehand let me know :)
For full details see:

Finally, the weekly classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings will continue until Wednesday 19th Dec. For the timetable see: