Monday, 29 July 2013

Colgadas with changes of embrace - final workshop, 10th Aug - and farewell soon

I hope you're well and enjoying your dancing.

As you may already know, I've been planning some travels for a while and it looks like that's finally going to happen from the end of Aug now. So... the last workshop before I go away is coming up on Saturday 10th August, 2-5:30pm.

It's going to be on colgadas - an especially fluid and beautiful movement in tango. For those who haven't tried them yet or never got the hang of colgadas (excuse the pun) this will be a good introduction. For those already confident dancing them, there will be some cool variations for you to play with and a chance to refine your technique.

The way the workshop will be structured it will be suitable for anyone already able to dance crosses, ochos and giros. All skill levels will be suitably challenged :)

No partner required but pre-booking essential. For full details and to book your place see:

Group lesson consolidation:

While it's a bit quieter over the summer and without the beginner courses, the Monday lesson will be rolled into the Wednesday lesson, 8pm, upstairs @ The Slug & Lettuce, Southampton. It's been wonderful teaching at The Wool House and I hope to return, but no Mondays for now. Please come on Wednesdays instead. Everyone is welcome.

(Re last Wed, I think most people are checking the Facebook page for updates and so will already know, but last week there was a late notice double booking so we had to move to the Wool House. My apologies if anyone wasn't able to access the FB for details. Back to normal this week at The Slug and Lettuce!)

Private lessons:
If you want to really accelerate your learning, add that extra bit of smoothness, style and confidence to your tango, or explore new or old movements in more detail, private lessons are a great way to do it. For more info and booking see:

Get the latest news by liking the FB page:
If you want to know what's coming up in the group lessons, or get early notice on workshops, social events then the best way to do that is like the Tango Lingua Facebook page:

Skill swaps:
For a while now I've been experimenting with non-money forms of exchange for tango lessons. I've found it can be a great way to pick up new skills, get help, and get to know people better, while at the same time offer more of a chance to learn tango to those who couldn't otherwise afford it. Obviously money is a handy thing and I have just as much use for it as most people, but I recognise that payment for lessons (or paying the usual price) isn't always an option, and I really love sharing what I know and helping people find joy in their tango dancing, so I'm happy to do skill or resource swaps as well. Things I'm interested in at the moment include: help with marketing and event organizing, locally produced organic food, learning Spanish, physio and sports massage, clothes alterations, and learning other dance forms from professionals (e.g. salsa, jive, contemporary, jazz). If you think you would like to offer something along those lines in return for learning tango, get in touch!

Just a few words on my plans. I feel drawn to go exploring around different countries for a bit, not least to continue my learning and development in tango and other dances. I do plan to return, but can't say exactly when that will be.. I will miss all my students in Southampton and other places, I've got so much enjoyment working with everyone and sharing a bit of what I know. And a huge thank you to Claudia for assisting so well with the teaching these last months. The Wed lessons will continue until the end of August (check FB page for updates) and private lessons will also be available until then. I'll be posting updates from time to time on my adventures here (feel free to add me) and other places.

What to do if you want to carry on learning tango?
For lessons there are at least two other schools in the Southampton area: TLC and Nu Tango  If there are other options I'll let you know.. :)
There are also regular social dances organized by them and others.
Practice is also crucial if you want to develop a smooth and varied style. For that I recommend either joining a local practica (practice session) or starting your own as as group. If you want to tips on doing that, get in touch.

Take care, and I hope to see you soon,