Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Two unique learning opportunities and a new performance video

The snow came and went, but tango continues. I hope you've been enjoying your dancing (and life beyond dancing). Here's the latest 'skinny'.

I have two unique learning opportunities to announce, coming up very soon:
The first is a 6 week course for those who are interested in developing their tango skills through gaining some practical teaching experience.

The second is a workshop on flying and lifting movements in tango.

I also have a little video of my latest performance in London, which I thought you might enjoy watching. Read on for the link.

For those wanting to take their first steps in tango, or deepen their understanding of the basics which underpin the rest of the dance, the next 6 week Argentine Tango Fundamentals course starts on Monday 18th Feb. Details here: http://www.tangolingua.com/courses/argentine-tango-fundamentals

For those nearing the end of their first 6 weeks and wondering what comes next, your learning will continue on the Monday sessions, as you reinforce the fundamental technique, adding confidence and playful possibilities with practice - repetition is the key to really 'getting it'.

Additionally you are also invited to the Wed sessions where we focus on more of the modern elements of tango, including leg wraps, shared axis movements and other wonderful things :)


On Sunday 17th Feb, there will be a workshop on flying and lifting movements in tango. Here you have the rare opportunity to discover how these beautiful movements work - while performing them with safety, smoothness and elegance.

The workshop will be held in Southampton at StudioSo, 1-5pm. You do not need a partner to book. Places limited to 12 people only. For full details and booking please see: http://www.tangolingua.com/workshops/southampton/introduction-to-aerial-technique

Aerial technique tango workshop. Flying and lifting.

For anyone who will be in London or fancies traveling I'm running another workshop with Liz Bayley on Sunday 10th February, 2-5pm (followed by a 1 hour practica) in Highbury & Islington. This one is titled 'Playful Barridas for him and her'. For full details and booking see: http://www.tangolingua.com/workshops/london/10th-feb-tango-magic
Tango Magic workshop, learn Argentine Tango in London with Liz Bayley and Joe Hudson

Special courses

As detailed in the previous newsletter, I'll be running a very unique 6 week tango course starting on 12th Feb. It's based on the idea that - with the right kind of approach - helping someone else to learn something helps you to learn what you're teaching even better, as well as leading to more knowledge being shared and ultimately everyone becoming more of the dancer they want to be. Places are limited.

The course is an introduction to tango teaching, with role-play and fundamental technique review. It's aimed at anyone who has been tangoing regularly for at least 8 months and thinks they might enjoy getting some practical teaching experience. If you're curious about it, please check out: http://www.tangolingua.com/courses/intro-to-tango-teaching-roleplay-and-fundamentals-review

Performance video

On Saturday January 26th, I was in London taking part in the Wellcome Collection's final 'Rhythm is a Dancer' series event with Liz Bayley. (Details here: http://www.wellcomecollection.org/whats-on/events/lets-get-physical.aspx) This involved being a part of a panel discussion of professional dancers and performers, and giving a tango demonstration to the audience. It was great fun, and I managed to get hold of a little clip of our improvised tango performance, which you can see here:

Do you like it?

Shoes:  A few students have asked about what shoes to wear for tango. Essentially if it doesn't mark the floor, is comfortable and allows you to pivot easily then it's fine. Generally any sole that isn't rubber will allow you to pivot, e.g. leather, suede or plastic. If you want something specifically for dancing, then you can go online for the cheapest prices (google 'dance shoes'). If you want to buy from a local shop, there's a dancewear shop in Woolston (http://www.roynondancewear.co.uk/) where I got my very first pair. I wear ballroom practice shoes, jazz trainers and ballet pumps and they all work pretty well. You can also get a shoe that has a great fit and feel and then buy a suede sole to stick on from a cobbler. For followers I'd recommend having both a pair of flats and heals, ideally. I hope that helps :)

Can't afford lessons? Finally, I know that times are hard for many people with the present economic conditions. If you'd really love to come to more lessons but can't afford it, send me an email to see if we can come to an arrangement, e.g. a skill swap.

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