Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Fuertes Raíces tango kata - mkII

I've just recorded a new and much improved version of my Fuertes Raíces ('strong roots') tango kata, developed just over 2 months ago.

I hope you enjoy it. In any case, I'd love to know your thoughts on it, including constructive critique.

Why have I made this kata? The motivation is to have a training tool, for myself and my students, which will assist the development of strong technique for a wide range of tango movements and improve balance, posture, timing, coordination and physical conditioning. Katas are commonly used in martial-arts (which I have a background in) for the same purposes. I do not know of any other tango katas currently existing, but so far I've been practicing and teaching this new version to my students for the last 6 weeks to good effect.

Here are the videos, front and side view (but can you spot the differences? :) )

There will be further parts, and additional katas for pair work.

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