Sunday, 23 January 2011

new tango classes in Southampton from Tango Lingua

the latest info from Tango Lingua:
  • 5 week beginner/refresher tango course: Starts this Monday, 24th Jan, at Povey's dance centre, Southampton. To join in, arrive for 8pm. Classes are friendly and relaxed. No need for a partner or to remember lots of steps. If you want to find out what tango is all about and experience the magical quality of connection that it offers, this is the course for you. Feel free to bring friends to take part or just to watch. For full details, see:
  • Core skills tango classes: If you've enquired about tango classes beyond the beginner level, this is an opportunity to get some more advanced teaching. This new format will run on a drop-in basis. No need to book, just come along on the night. No partner required. Classes will be approximately 60 minutes and run from 9:45pm until 10:45pm, each Monday at the Povey's dance centre, starting this week. The content will be focused on the fundamental components of connection and movement in tango (going into more detail than in the beginner course), moving then into progressively more advanced and expressive applications in the dance. The level of detail and challenge of each class will be catered to the class participants. Cost per class, per person: £7
  • Private lessons: One-to-one learning, the fastest way to progress your tango. There are currently some slots available on Saturday evenings. Please email me if you'd like to book one. Cost: £35 per hour.
  • Class notes: I'd strongly recommend keeping your own notes on your tango learning, but if you'd also like to read some notes I've made on some of the classes I teach, you can find them on the Tango Lingua blog right here.
  • The practica: You may have noticed that the classed are at the same time as the practica (practice session). For now, the space will still be available for those who just want to do their own thing, with the understanding that the music may stop and start according to the class material and providing we can all work together without getting in each other's way too much. As demand for the practica rises I may make alternative arrangements for a second day, just for freestyle practice. If you're keen on having a second day and would be attending on most weeks, just let me know.
For directions, see:

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